Friday, December 17, 2010

Fiction on the Web: A Few Comics for You

Maybe you've seen the links in the right corner of my screen.  I follow several webcomics on a regular basis, and I'd like to share.  Take a look at these and see if you like them.

RH Junior 
This site is actually seven comics.  The artist is not able to update too frequently, but his stuff is always a treat.  My personal favorite is Tales of the Questor, but Goblin Hollow and QQSR are also quite good.  All the comics are family friendly, so you shouldn't have any problem with a younger member of your family visiting the site.  I'd rate it PG for some action violence in TotQ and QQSR.  Updates are not on a schedule, so check back often.

The Phoenix Requiem
You may have seen Sarah Ellerton elsewhere on the web, and her art is beautiful.  The Phoenix Requiem is set in what seems to be an alternate Edwardian era.  It's actually a graphic novel, and it is beautifully done.  The colors are rich and vibrant, earth tones included, and the story is captivating, if sometimes slow-moving.  The downside is that this comic can get a little gory sometimes, so some caution is best if you have younger children.  I'd rate it PG-13 (as does the artist), mostly for the horror aspect of it (and yes, it does get truly creepy), but also for some partial nudity and implicit sexual content early on in the story.  This one updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

Accursed Dragon!
Accursed Dragon! is meant to be both serious and funny.  My boyfriend compared the humor to that of The Emperor's New Groove (film, not TV show), and he was pretty close with that analysis.  There is little to no language, and there is no color in this comic, so you don't have to worry about blood or real gore or anything.  One character does get stabbed in the eye once, and at some points, another character is implied to be naked in her dreams.  While you don't actually see anything, any parents who view this comic may want to take caution with their kids.  I'd rate this one PG for action violence.  It updates almost every weekday.

Shadows of Enchantment
Shadows of enchantment seems to take place in a medieval type of setting.  The colors and action and the look of the comic is so well done, and the story has got me hooked.   There's some action violence, and one character's face, though he's a protagonist, may be a little scary for younger viewers.  Aside from that, it's clean and has no gratuitous gore and no sex, so feel free to have a look.  As for ratings, I think a PG is in order, mostly for action violence.  It updates every Thursday.

Now this is an interesting tale with an interesting concept.  The comic is very well done, and by a mom no less!  I've been keeping up with this one since I found it, and the story is really getting good.  This one is pretty tame, earning a PG for violence.  It updates on Mondays, but is on hiatus until after Christmas.

The Bean
Alas, no, this tale is not about the woes of customers and the way they spill secrets to the barista.  It is about a young boy who goes by the Bean in the comic.  It is being drawn in black and white for now, but the first few pages were beautifully done in color.  There's some action violence in here, and a few scary images, but nothing really bad.  A higher PG rating is in order for this one, but overall it is family friendly.  It updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The Dreamer
This comic about a high school girl who dreams each night that she is smack in the middle of the Revolutionary War.  I like this comic a lot because the story and art are both well done, and I studied history in college.  There's a little bit of language here and there, but nothing too bad.  There's not even that much gore, despite the potentially violent setting.  I'd rate it a PG.  It updates Fridays; check it out.

This comic can get a touch over the top, but the art is beautifully done and the story is pretty good too.  There's violence, some language, and a little sexual content, so tread carefully.  Younger readers might not be ready for Dream*Scar.  I'd rate this a PG-13, definitely.  It's turning out to be a pretty good story.  According to the FAQs, the comic is updated on Fridays regularly and on Tuesdays sometimes.

So here are just a few reading materials that are on the web.  If you like them, spread the word and just enjoy them.  I certainly do.

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