Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Fork Thing Didn't Go Over Well

I've come to realize that I cannot possibly be the only unfortunate 25 year old woman who once...

1. Tried to comb her hair with a fork.

2. Wanted a horse. It could live in the shed out back.

3. Made a Trapper Keeper into a cubicle "cover sheet" for spelling tests.

4. Gifted Barbie with permanent makeup and/or a permanent haircut.

5. Tried the whole "bedsheets out the window" thing. My anchor of choice was the flimsy plastic part of the toilet paper holder.

6. Confused some adult about there being a "cat" in the sky during a crescent moon.

7. Ate Kool-aid powder, because friends said it was "good."

8. Ate a habenero pepper. Because "hey, eat this."

9. Watched Crossroads. Twice.

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