Friday, December 28, 2012

The Weird Left Zombie Leg

I'm not near as flexible as I'd like to be. One arm carries some sort of damage from an injury that I got about seven years ago. Both legs act like rebellious teenagers. The right one sticks to the rules and doesn't ever go out of its way to stretch unnaturally. The left one, which also has a fussy knee joint, breaks all the rules. I can even stick my left big toe in my mouth, if I wanted to. I don't though. Can never equals, should, does, or want to.

That's the one I have shoved up against my desk right now, my Doc Marten boot hovering above my knee and close to my right hip while my left knee is actually above the keyboard. It's a weird situation. I tried actually putting both heels against my desk, but a rolling chair kinda makes that hard. I'm actually sitting basically with my left leg in my lap. My weird zombie left leg, just sitting here, not looking or feeling like it's even attached.

Can you tell I'm having an ADD type of morning? 

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