Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What We Can Learn from Twilight

What, you say? Impossible! Nothing can possibly be learned from the Twilight books.

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, I believe something can.

It all begins with glittering vampires.

This often ridiculed attribute of Meyer's take on the vampire does, in fact, go along with her own rules. If vampires are basically enhanced humans, then so too is their skin enhanced.

It's an intersting fact that human skin, when healthy, also reflects light. When you are tired, or malnourished, or just dry, it doesn't.

Dead skin cells, even when moisturized, must be sloughed off to make room for healthy cells that properly reflect light. Since the vamps in the four-book series are always technically healthy, they always have skin that reflects sunlight.

So what can we learn from Twilight, folks?

Exfoliate. Always make sure to exfoliate. It does a skin cell good.

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