Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Worth It?

There are lots of articles and blog posts and such that will tell you that if you're stressed at work and it's really causing you problems and you want to quit your job, you should. Be ready to face the consequences, and don't assume it will get awesome after that, but go ahead.

Pretty convincing, right?

Heck yeah. We all want that validation that the not so great idea we have is indeed the right course of action. The reality is, a lot of us have bills to pay, and the tiny bit we get in exchange for loads of our time is hard to part with. If my fiance makes enough to support us both, I'll definitely want to write full time. But right now, I can't.

I think everyone faces that day when they realize that "help me out" means "do my work for me" and "community effort" very likely means "get the part-timer to do it." But hey, money.

If that's the kind of job you have, never stay comfortable. It won't get better, barring your employer firing himself and everyone but you. What can you do? Make it better. Apply for something else. Something better. Odds are you have the experience. And when you get that job, quit your old one.

Only you can improve your own situation. Never forget that.

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