Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Little Something I'll be Doing

I'm announcing something that I will be posting as frequently as possible:  book reviews.

What?  Book reviews?  Did that really require an announcement?  Well, yeah, because of the way I will be doing them.

First, I'll be posting reviews of some more obscure books that are available (such as some works by Abra Ebner.  Her stuff is fun to review).  I'll also be reviewing some of the more "old news" type of books (Twilight, Elantris, and whatever else I choose) in such a way that you can learn from it.  I'll try to make the reviews as light on spoilers as possible, but be prepared to have previous insight on the things I pick. 

The way it will work is this:  I will post the review of the book, allow you some time to check the book out for  yourself, if you wish, and then post a followup, in depth critique of what I read.  Plot points, characters, dialogue, everything is fair game.  I will be fair, so I'm not going to give scathing reviews.  The point of reading widely is to learn from what you read, so I'll discuss what's good and what's lacking in a book.  I hope to be able to post these reviews frequently, so keep a lookout for them.  Thanks for stopping by today. 

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