Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name Change!

You may have noticed that I changed the name of the blog, and I do have a reason. A couple, in fact. The Marsh Lantern is the name of my shop on Etsy, and it fits that shop well. I no longer felt, therefore, that the name reflected the blog and the direction in which it was headed. My art does reflect my personality, but the same is even more true of my writing. As you've seen, some posts have been about my life and how it affects what I write. It has ceased to be abstract and regionless. My home, not in the Deep South, but nevertheless a place in which fried foods are gladly consumed, left a mark on my life and it shoes in my stories and in the novel which I am currently working on. I've been wanting to change the name for quite some time, so why not now?

I feel that I am on my way as a writer. This blog is no longer an extension of my Etsy projects, and that's okay. I am both a jewelry creator and a writer. My family is creative, and that is me.

So here are some things that are going to change. We're going to have a loose schedule. Sentience, the fiction project that I began and posted three parts of, will begin appearing on Fridays, starting next week (though I might surprise you.) I'll have lots more humor in my posts. Also, if you're interested in writing a guest post, let me know. This applies to short fiction as well. I'd love to feature guest writers, and I promise you don't have to set your story in the southern United States (because Sentience isn't set there either.)

So here we go with a name change and a new focus for the blog. I'm gonna raise a glass of Parker's* sweet tea to this great life and to anyone who reads this.

Oh yeah, and I did keep my end of the deal and work some on my novel today. Yay!

*Parker's is a local barbecue restaurant, specializing in Eastern North Carolina barbecue. They are yummy.

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