Monday, January 24, 2011

Okay, I'm Really Serious Now

I swear I was going to work on my novel during the month of November.  I was going to get a substantial portion finished, but after caring for a sick dog, a visit from my now fiance, and numerous other things, I have discovered that it is nearly the end of January and I have only written a few pages.  I was going to do better than this, but life happens.  I do want to write my books, though, so here's the deal. 

For every day I write, y'all get a post.  They'll be funny or serious (like continuing Sentience, which was one of my favorite projects).  Hey, maybe there will even be informative posts, or some more book reviews to enjoy.  Take this day as a bonus, though I will be doing some writing this afternoon.  Come.  Join me.  Cheer me on as I embark on my quest for the ultimate reward:  publication. 

Previously in my novel:  an antique box leads to a discovery.  

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